Address: 9 Lower Market Street, Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland
Phone: +353656842357


Hi Richard, Great to hear that story re your family and hopefully one day we will get to welcome you to Moroney's.

Richard J Moroney

my dads name was James e Moroney and he had 9 kids kinda ironic that was the address Im told were from county clare I was born in chicago il usa but one day would love to visit thanks for staying in business and keeping the place going


Hi William, Thank you for your good wishes which are sincerely appreciated by all the staff and patrons of Moroney's.

Wiliam McMahon

Johnny, sending prayers to the staff and patrons of Ennis, as Ireland and the world clings tight to those closest to us, and as we seek mended hearts for all of those who have lost loved one's worldwide.


Hi Shelly, If you email me at, I will contact you about Moroney's in Ennis. Kind Regards, Johnny


Hi Brian, We look forward to seeing you and your family when you visit Ennis next year.Who knows we could be related :-)

Brian James Moroney

Coming to Ireland next year(2020) and will make sure to stop in to skull a pint or two before our official tour begins. My grandfather's ancestors (James William Moroney Sr) are from the region and there may be some relation. Looking forward to our first trip to Ireland!

Shelly Sepulveda

Hi Johnny, I am in America working on a Moroney Family Facebook page and stumbled on your Bar page. My ancestors came from Ennis and I'd be very interested to find out if we are related and if you have more earlier information on James. My Grandfather (funny enough) John Moroney's Grandfather is Martin Moroney born in Ennis 1829. Thank you! Shelly Sepulveda

Derek & Lisa (Canada)

This was our fourth annual trip to Ireland and fell in love with Ennis last year, extending our stay in your beautiful town. Last September we had the food fortune to catch the Wednesday night trad session, which was the highlight of our trip, and made some wonderful memories for my elderly mother who traveled with us. When we planned this year's pilgrimage to Ennis, we ensured we were here for Wednesday night, and once again we were blown away by the passion of the musicians and singers. Thanks to all for allowing us to peek into your magical world, and especially to John for making us feel welcome once again.

Seamus Kelly

For those of you that know me, you will agree that my knowledge of greyhounds is rather hurling knowledge isnt spectacular either. Apparently, these creatures,unlike me, are not prone to weight fluctuation and have an affinity for chasing hares (fake and otherwise) around a circuit much to the interest of a wide audience. That said, the story of the missile is a truly an inspirational sporting success story for sports fans everywhere. This creature has been an amazing hero who has confounded greyhound critics with his outstanding arrival from obscurity and competing with the very best. Sincerest best wishes to Colin of the famous Barry clan, the Moroneys, Cootes,Brownes et al and may the missile keep inspiring us all for the distant future.

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