Address: 9 Lower Market Street, Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland
Phone: +353656842357

Rick Vermeulen

A great homepage with nice design and great content!

Kind regards

David Moroney

Hello my name is David Moroney, my fathers name is the same, my dad family lived about 300 yards from bunraty castle next door to the Waters Family my dad was born in 1925 he also had 2 brothers Paddy Moroney and Michael moroney, did you know them


Hi Merry,

Delighted to hear from another Moroney. County Clare is seen as the home of the Moroney family and of all the counties in Ireland would have the highest proportion off people with that surname. There are also pockets of Moroneys in south Tipperary ( no relations) around the picturesque Glen of Aherlow but by and large it's seen as a Clare name.

Indeed Ennis is a great base for touring the South of Ireland and the coast drive around Clare taking in the world famous Cliffs Of Moher and the Burren landscape is one of the most scenic you will ever encounter. It was great you won a trip to the Emerald Isle and we would be delighted to see you in Moroneys for one of our great trad music sessions on a Wednesday night or Sunday evening and to taste a great pint of Guinness.

Best Wishes,
Johnny Moroney

Merry Wright

Our family name is Moroney and my sister and I are coming to Ireland for a couple of weeks, one week in Dublin and then south to see County Clare were my dads family were from. Are there many Moroney's still in Clare.

We sure would love to see the Moroney Bar as my sister won this trip at a bar in Vancouver Canada the Dover.

My maiden name was Meredith Moroney and my sister was Wendy Moroney, now I am called Merry Wright and Wendy Mckenzie.

Let me know anything you can.

Regards and many thanks


Ken Moroney

My great great grandfather was born in County Clare.
My grandfather was John Moroney from East Fillmore Township,
Taylor Springs Montgomery County Illinois. My son and daughter
live in Arizona with the rest of our relatives still in Illinois.
Having a shirt that says Moroneys Bar would be awesome.
Please let me know if so and how much each and if you have sizes
small, medium, large, extra large, and extra extra large for us with
beer bellies! Thank you!

Thank you,

Ken Moroney
Regional Manager

Naomi O Donoghue

Morn' John, Naomi O'Donoghue here in Cree, just to say thank you for the lovely article and great photos on Cavendish winning the Irish Cup: I came across them last night and was delighted to find them! Would love to get some copies at some stage if possible? It has been an incredible four weeks, the well wishes and celebrations have been mighty! Yours in coursing, Johnie, Naomi, Jenna n Ruth.

Maria Walsh

My name is Maria Walsh (nee Moroney). My grandparents were from Clare. My grandfather's name was John Moroney and my grandmother's name was Mary Margaret "Molly" Morrissey.

I live in New Jersey, USA, and there are several Moroneys here.

I was wondering if there was a way to purchase any merchandise from your establishment (T-shirts, beer glasses, etc.).

Please reply to this email if you have anything like that.

My father and brother are named "Tommy" Moroney like the famous footballer.

Thanks and happy new year to you. Hopefully, I will make it to Ireland someday.

(I wonder if we're related!)

Maria Walsh


Hello from San Francisco! Hope all is well back in Ennis. I will be spreading the word about Moroney's Bar over here!

Jimmy Fenton

Great Pint Charlie. Good to see the bar going so well.


yes, graphics are intresting, I suggest this site to my friends

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